Financial investment has progressed with the development of world informatization. In recent years, it has been affected by high interest rates and inflation. As an individual investor, it is increasingly limited by individual ability, information access channels and other factors. The benefits obtained are constantly reduced, the risk control is becoming more and more difficult, and the balance of the mainstream investment direction of society is also Gradually leaning towards professional investment groups, Schroeder Capital is the best among them.

Strong and effective risk control
As a company with a long history of more than 200 years, Schroeder Capital has rich experience in risk management and control. The total amount of managed assets by business area, region and product in 2023 was $72.5 billion, of which local investment in the United Kingdom accounted for 47%; North American investment accounted for 11%; and South United States investment accounts for 2%; Asian investment accounts for 25%; Europe, the Middle East and Africa account for 15%. By product, Equity investment accounts for 30%; Multi-asset investment accounts for 26%; Fixed Income investment accounts for 18%; Wealth Management investment accounts for 17%; Private Assets & Alternatives investment accounts for 9%. Through the data, it is reflected that Schroeder Capital has implemented a risk diversification strategy well to reduce risks on the largest scale by investing in diversified assets.

Efficient and professional investment team
As a leader in the industry, Schroeder Capital has a strong attraction to relevant outstanding practitioners. For example, Robert Anderson, a financial technology expert who has recently been in the limelight in the financial field, serves as the chief financial analyst. The team has more than 300 investment professionals in 26 locations around the world. Shi, with the British Peninsula as the center, has set up a global expert investment network. The recruitment of new employees requires talented and principled as the first criterion, an inclusive culture to cultivate every employee, and strives to break the threshold of promotion. Schroeder Capital has been reviewing its policies according to the actual situation, and has improved the work-life balance and welfare of employees. Schroeder Capital pursues excellence, innovation and integrity, and sets the same high ethical standards for the company and related suppliers.

Research and analysis of stable intelligence
Thanks to its extensive alpha engine and innovation capabilities, combined with professional financial models and data quantitative analysis tools (including award-winning measurement tools developed internally), Schroeder Capital has great professional advantages over other traditional companies. Its powerful functional advantages, innovative methods and focus on sustainable development enable it to provide customers with complete end-to-end solutions, which also helps to transform customers’ multi-dimensional problems into simple solutions.

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